Friday, 28 December 2012

A Complete Self Help Guide For Dyslexia

The Friendship Circle Blog, a special need resources blog for parents and educators, has provided a complete self help guide for dyslexia on its blog site.

Please find the link to the information here.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

5th National Conference: Learning Disabilities - "Differentiated instruction"

5th National Conference 2012
Learning disabilities: "differentiated teaching"
1-2 December 2012 9.30-15.00
New Panorama Hall Auditorium

The Association of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece and the Panhellenic Federation of Associations of Parents of children with dyslexia and learning difficulties in an effort to lead in informing teachers and parents, announces the organization of the 5th National Conference. For this year, the theme of our conference is the Differentiated Teaching.

Instructors will be eminent scientists in the field of learning disabilities like Mr. Panteliadou Susanna, Mrs. Helen Libanius, Mrs Deponio Pamela, Mrs Theodoridou Life, Mr. Anthony Fay, Mrs Kalincheva Anna, Mrs. Konstantinopoulou Xenia, Mr. Yiannis Grigoriadis.

Saturday will present issues related to differentiated teaching, the role of self-esteem and emotion in learning, successful and unsuccessful approaches to dyslexia, neuroscience and learning difficulties. On Sunday we will focus on individual topics, such as the written word, teaching history, English, physics.

Participation fee of EUR 15 for both days
Members club 10 euro
Groups of 10 persons from 10 euros per person
Includes, clipboards, pens, coffee and accessories, certificate.

To be able to organize the best of the conference, please love to enroll either online or by phone.

Payment on the spot.

Entry forms and information to Mr. Spyros Minas, at 2310920917 and 6976368204, and email

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Poem on Dyslexia

The following is a poem on dyslexia written by Elorm Kofi Deh, a JHS 3 pupil of Kay-Billie-Klaer Academy. He wanted to submit it for the 'Dyslexia is ...? Writers/Poets Contest'. Unfortunately, he couldn't meet the deadline for submission. So, I suggested he permits me to put the poem on my blog for readers to see. 

Pictured with me is Elorm Kofi Deh, the author of the poem

Dyslexia is not a curse
neither is it a contagious disease
Dyslexic children are God’s creation
This is why we need to stop discriminating
They are just like you and me
Though they don’t see the way we see
they can make it with hardwork and effort
All they need is faith and support

Are you a child who is always teased at school?
Don’t be discouraged, just show them that you are cool
Just because you can’t read or spell
doesn’t mean you cannot be well
Don’t let dyslexia bring you down
You can be sure that with time you will get through
You are talented and special in your own way
Don’t let this setback take your joy away

You are a bright light waiting to be lit
So don’t see yourself as a misfit
Make an effort and do what you can
Keep on trying and never quit
You are a star on earth shining bright
You will sure rise to the highest height
Just believe in yourself because

© 2012 Elorm Kofi Deh. Used by permission.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Free Interactive Learning Disability Profile Test

Do you find that you or your child or ward finds problems such as learning to read, write, solve simple mathematical problems, understand spoken language, expressing himself? It may even be possible that such a child may have peculiar behavioural patterns like sleeping while writing or eating.

If you can identify some of these problems in your child or ward, taking a learning disability test (LD test) will be the first step to helping you determine if your child has a learning disability.

Move to Learn, an internationally recognized provider of a range of information, services and products dealing with overcoming learning difficulties, has provided a free interactive LD profile test on their website.

The test allows you to create an initial profile for your child/student/self, identify areas of difficulty and give advice as to where to go for help. The profile, which can provide a record of improvement, could be especially interesting comparing different children, or the same child over a period of time

You can assess the test by visiting this page which has a link to the test.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Launch of Ghana's First Dyslexia Awareness Week

Ghana's first Dyslexia Awareness Week was launched yesterday at the British Council, Accra. Welcoming the audience, Ms Joy Bannerman-Addy, Founder of Crossroads@U2Kan, said that the organisation's goal is to empower  and support people with dyslexia to achieve their possible best and educate the public about dyslexia.

According to her, ten percent of Europe, America and the world are dyslexic, hence, it could comfortably be assumed that the same percentage is dyslexic in Ghana, even though there have not been any researches on dyslexia in the country. She stressed the need to provide support for and encouragement to dyslexics.

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability (SpLD) characterised by the inability to recognise and comprehend written words. A UK based dyslexia SpLD Consultant, Mrs. Eleanor-May Brenneker, revealed that dyslexia is not a disease but a difficulty. Dyslexia has no cure; people are born and die with it. The cause of dyslexia is not yet known, however, early recognition of dyslexia and appropriate intervention can reduce its effects to the extent that dyslexics can operate normally as their peers in undertaking tasks with ease.

The event, which also run concurrently in Britain and other parts of the world, was attended by students, teachers, parents, the press and the general public, who advocated for a liaising with the Ghana Education Service to incorporate dyslexia training into the curriculum of teacher training colleges in Ghana.

The week-long campaign continues today with a three-day training workshop (9th-12th October, 2012) at the Kama Conference Centre, Labone, 9.00am to 4.00pm each day.

Crossroads is running screening and assessment programmes as part of the awareness week. 

For more information about the Dyslexia Awareness Week, please contact: 0302 230391/020 189 4342/ 020 064 6863. For screening and one to one support that is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements, call: 020 811 6193/020 064 6863.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ghana's First Dyslexia Awareness Week

Crossroads@U2Kan, an NGO whose vision is to help "educate teachers, professionals and the public in recognising and supporting people with dyslexia to achieve their best", is partnering with Eleanor-May Brenneker, a UK based dyslexia SpLD consultant, to launch the dyslexia awareness week from 8th to 14th October, 2014.

Established on 1st November, 2002 and certified by the laws of Ghana to run a dyslexic centre and to train volunteer dyslexic instructors, Crossroads was set up with the motive that "every child deserves education and a right for their needs to be identified and fully met."

The organisation believes that early recognition of dyslexia and appropriate intervention can reduce the effects of dyslexia to the extent that dyslexics can operate normally as their peers in undertaking tasks with ease. It is in this light that the organisation is setting aside a week to create awareness on dyslexia.

As part of activities marking the awareness week, there will be a launching on the 8th October, 2012 at the British Council, Accra at 9:30am. From the 9th-11th October, a dyslexia workshop will be held at the Kama Conference Centre, Labone. Other activities include interviews in the media, health walk and a creative writers, poets and art contest.

Dyslexia is a learning disability characterised by the inability to recognise and comprehend written words. Dyslexia is a problem that many students have. Inability to express oneself clearly, or to fully comprehend what others mean when they speak normally lead to major problems in school, in the workplace, and in relating to other people. Other disabilities associated with dyslexia are dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

For more information about the Dyslexia Awareness Week, please contact: 0302 230391/020 189 4342/ 020 064 6863. For screening and one to one support that is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements, call: 020 811 6193/020 064 6863.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Creative Writers, Poets and Art Contest

Join CROSSROADS@U2Kan, the premier and finest Dyslexia Awareness Centre in Ghana and in the West African sub-region, to launch its maiden edition of D Y S L E X I A Awareness Week in Accra, Ghana from Monday 8th October to Sunday 14 October 2012. As part of activities marking the awareness week, there will be a Creative Writers/Poets/Art Contest.
1. Creative Writers/Poets/Art Contest
All imaginative writers and artists are invited to enter our 'Dyslexia is ...? Writers/Poets Competition' and the 'Dyslexia is ...? Express Yourself Art Competition' respectively.

For writers:
Submit a fictional Short Story or Poem of no more than 500 words. All entries should not include any defamatory, obscene, offensive or unsuitable material. Entries must be handwritten legibly or typed in font Arial size 12/14 point.

For Artists:
Whether your artwork of choice is drawing, sculpture, collage, photography or even potato painting, we want to see it! Your artwork needs to be a minimum size of A4 and up to a maximum size of A2.

2. Contest Categories
The following categories will include winners in:
Primary: Up to 10 years
Secondary: Ages 11-18
Adult: Over 18 years

3. How to Enter Rules

a. Entry in the Art and Writing categories is FREE and must be created by the individual.

b. Only one entry per person is allowed for Writing or Arts, and must be indicated by a Title, Author's Name, Postal Address, Age, E-mail Address & Contact Phone Number.

c. The artworks will be judged by a distinguished panel of judges, whose decision is final.

d. Photographs of the winning pictures, write-ups and their authors may be used in the press and on the Crossroads@U2KAN website.

e. An exhibition showcasing a variety of the entries will be held during Dyslexia Awareness Week where all entrants and their families are welcome to attend.

f. Please make sure your entry packaging is clearly marked: 'Dyslexia is ...? Writers/Poets Competition' or 'Dyslexia is ...? Express Yourself Art Competition'.

g. Send your completed entry and information to:
P. O. Box KD 525
Kanda, Accra
Ghana, West Africa

h. You can e-mail your write-up ideally in a pdf or in Word 2003 and upwards to:

Deadline for all entries is Sunday, 14th October, 2012.

For further information, call: 0302 230391/020 189 4342/020 064 6863. If you are at the University of Ghana, please contact Stanley on 0549180743.